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What is the crypto Rally (RLY) and why did the price jump with more than 50% in 7 days?

Crypto Rally (RLY) price is showing the best performance among the global top 100 in recent days. With a 50% increase in its price, the Crypto Rally is on fire!

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The crisis on the Ukrainian border has strongly impacted the financial and crypto markets in recent days. However, the crypto has passed this period of geopolitical tension and uncertainty very well. This is the Crypto Rally (RLY). Find out what the Crypto Rally (RLY) is and how its price has performed exceptionally well over the past few days.

What Is Crypto Rally (RLY)?


The Rally (RLY) project allows creators or artists to launch their tokens without having to do any computer coding. In a few clicks, an artist can thus launch his token. Rally is part of what is called “social tokens” since the objective is to strengthen the commitment between the artist and his fans.

For artists or creators, it allows them to earn additional revenue while building engagement within their community. Fans of community members, on the other hand, have access to exclusive rewards and benefits that bring them closer to their artists like any decentralized platform, Rally allows the creation of a token that is only controlled by its creator and its community. In a few words, the Rally project intends to revolutionize the way fans can interact with their idol!

From a technical point of view, Rally is an ERC-20 token, which therefore runs on the Ethereum blockchain. Rally is therefore easily compatible with the DeFi environment, widely hosted under the Ethereum blockchain at present.


The Course Of The Crypto Rally (RLY)


The Rally crypto was created in 2020. Among the investors in the Rally, projects are big names in crypto like Coinbase Ventures. While crypto isn’t new, it’s been in the news a lot lately due to its incredible price performance. While the entire crypto (and financial) market was showing its excitement in the face of the Ukrainian context, the Crypto Rally saw its price explode!

Currently, the Rally crypto price is €0.33. This price is still very far from its ATH of April 2021 where it had reached €1.23. However, it remains an exceptional dynamic in recent days. Thus the price of the crypto Rally has jumped by almost 50% over the last 7 days  Over the last 24 hours, the price of the corner RLY has taken more than 55%!

The crypto Rally signs the best performances of the world’s top 100 in recent days  The good shape of its share price has made it possible to inflate its capitalization, which is now around 830 million euros. The Crypto Rally (RLY) is the 89th crypto in the world. 

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