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When Does a Car Insurance Becomes Invalid?

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Having auto insurance, in addition to being mandatory by law, keeps you, your family, and your finances protected in the event of a “loss”, we have talked before about the reasons to hire one. But in addition to having current insurance, you must know both the risks it covers and under what circumstances it could lose validity.

There are certain circumstances under which an insurer is not responsible for damage to your vehicle even if it is within the coverage of the policy. This doesn’t mean that auto insurance isn’t helpful or that filing a claim is too much of a hassle, it just means that there are certain basic rules (pretty simple, by the way) that you as an insured must follow to maintain your insurance protection.

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Do not let an incident catch you off guard, get informed and know what are the situations that could cause your auto insurance to not be valid in a certain case. Here we tell you more about it:


  • If the driver of the car is under the influence of alcohol or drugs at the time the accident occurs.
  • If the driver of the car at the time of the incident took it without the authorization of the insurance contracting party.
  • If the driver does not have a driver’s license or is not valid, or does not have a circulation card.
  • If the policy is not valid due to not having made the payment or renewal on time.
  • If damage occurs to the lower part of the car due to driving on roads in poor condition or off the beaten track.
  • Not having the documents that the insurer requests to carry out the necessary procedures.

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Likewise, some situations and risks are not included in the coverage of the policy, such as breakdowns or failures, unless they have been caused by a risk that is included in the coverage.

It is very important that you know exactly what your insurance covers and in which cases it loses validity. If you do not know exactly, you can check the title page of your policy or contact your advisor. Also keep in mind that with an additional cost your policy can cover other risks that concern you and are not within your current coverage, you know what the saying “better safe than sorry” says.


Be Safe!!

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