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Where to buy Bitcoin in March 2022

March marks the end of the winter period, and potentially the bullish return of the market. Faced with recent news, many investors are wondering if Bitcoin will go up or down. In any case, it will be necessary to go through a safe platform, at a time when scams are excessively present.

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To buy Bitcoin or any crypto in March 2022, here is the top of the 3 best platforms on the market. No need to look elsewhere, there is no better than these 3 platforms for trading and buying cryptocurrency, especially for Bitcoin.


First We Find KuCoin


kucoinThe best platform to buy Bitcoin and Ethereum in March 2022 is, in our opinion, KuCoin. Kucoin is a crypto exchange that has existed since 2017. In this ultra-competitive field, seniority is a guarantee of solidity and trust. But also expertise. KuCoin is therefore validated in these three areas which are elementary for an exchange. Indeed, a cryptocurrency trading platform is often targeted by hacks, malicious acts, etc.

One of the best examples of this technological superiority for KuCoin can be found in a major attack that the exchange suffered. In 2020, a cyberattack from North Korea caused the platform to lose $285 million. And thanks to a coordination of the security teams and a quick action on the part of the exchange, all the funds were able to be recovered and returned to the customers of the crypto bank. A unique feat in the field!

In addition to its technical strengths, the platform is strong with almost $6 billion in daily trade, making it 3rd in the world rankings by coinmarketcap. You can find more than 640 cryptocurrencies to buy and sell there, with a total of 1188 different trading pairs. The Bitcoins you buy on KuCoin can therefore open the doors to the cryptocurrency market in a secure and user-optimized setting. This completes a set of key factors that make KuCoin the #1 cryptocurrency trading platform to buy Bitcoin in March 2022.


Next Comes EToro


eToroIf you want to buy Bitcoin in March 2022, you can also choose eToro. eToro is an exchange, but above all a CFD trading platform. CFDs are different financial products from a simple purchase of Bitcoin, Ethereum or cryptocurrency. Indeed, CFDs – Contract for Difference – open the doors of trading to you. Trading in general is done with leverage.

If you’ve read the best-selling “Rich Dad Poor Dad” you’ll probably know that the best way to get rich is leverage, or borrowing. With a CFD, you have the opportunity to increase the investment power of your money tenfold. However, with greater rewards comes greater risk. Indeed, while your winnings may increase, so can your losses.

CFD trading should therefore be handled with care. Before you start, practice on paper wallets. This is ‘dry’ trading which allows you to understand how CFDs work and test your trading strategies. All of these tools are available on eToro. It is therefore our number 2 choice for investing and trading Bitcoin in March 2022. To get an opinion, try the platform!

Finally Binance, The Juggernaut



Where to buy Bitcoin in March 2022?Binance is a platform that needs no introduction. With the largest transaction volume in the world in cryptocurrency, the largest number of currencies available, the largest number of trading pairs, etc. The list of areas in which Binance is number 1 is very long.

However, this impressive size can be a blockage for novices, because it takes time to find your bearings and fully master the platform. However, once this is done, you can choose this exchange to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies.

In addition, you will discover many financial products and investment tools at Binance, such as staking, lending, future contracts, etc. Visit their site to learn more, as their blog is full of very well written explanatory articles, which can help you understand the world of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies!

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