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Where to Buy Original Football Team Jerseys to Resell in Nigeria

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Ever been to place where soccer isn’t recognized or not seen a crunch soccer fanatic come your way? This should tell you that away from the global recognition, Soccer is one heck of a game that Nigerians adore. It’s not surprising to see different fanbase arguing their lungs out about which team or individual player is better, whilst rocking their preferred jersey and player’s number. If there’s a unifying factor that brings Nigerians together to make them forget their differences, soccer is definitely the facet to mention. competitions and fans compared to others.

On the other hand, the most fanatical opt for collecting all the existing merchandise of the teams, clubs and/or players of their choice. One of the products with the greatest demand are soccer team shirts , with which fans can ratify their sense of belonging to the team they follow and wear them with pride.

To understand a little the demand for these products we have an anecdote: when the Real Madrid club signed James Rodríguez, less than 48 hours had passed since the official announcement was made when more than 300,000 had already been sold in the world. T-shirts with his name, according to the consulting firm Euroamericas Sports Marketing.

In this way, the manufacture, distribution and sale of football team shirts has become one of the most profitable businesses today, especially since it was very difficult to access one before and it is not so anymore. Before, fans had to be lucky enough to travel or have a friend travel to the city where the team was from to buy the official jersey of a foreign team. But thanks to the Internet it is no longer that way and there are many platforms from which it is possible to buy one.

Cheering sports fan from Nigeria is happy about his national team on an isolated white background

Beware of fakes


There is always a negative side and, as with almost all businesses, products that have a certain demand have a tendency to be immediately replicated for sale. And this sector is no exception, as there are thousands of counterfeiters who take advantage of the designs (which vary each season) and the large volume of people interested in obtaining the merchandise, to replicate them and sell them at a price well below official products.

In this sense, Chinese manufacturers are the ones who most resort to these practices, although they are not the only ones. Counterfeits are exported in massive quantities to cover the demand they have, as many merchants choose to buy them wholesale to resell them, even knowing that they are not original.

So be very careful with the question of originality! Work with products that your consumer can trust and buy without worrying. This will give you credibility and drive more customers to your business.






Where to buy original soccer team jerseys to resell


Many sporting goods stores, which are also sponsors of the teams, are official distributors of their articles. In its stores you can buy 100% original merchandise of the brand; however, it does not occur in all countries and sometimes they have limited quantities that sell out quickly.

But there is no need to be alarmed, because the Internet is a huge shopping center within the reach of a click for those who want to buy merchandise, so to buy football team shirts there are several options online . If you want to buy the official jersey of your favorite soccer team or obtain this product in bulk to resell it in your business, here we tell you where and how to obtain them. Take note!

Official Web site


Each sports club or official team has its own website where they update all the content related to the team. In addition to making money from sponsorships and contracts, official merchandise is another source of money for them, so there is almost certainly an official store section on the site. In it they usually sell original shirts (both the first uniform, as well as the second and third kits) with the names and numbers of the players. Other products are polo shirts, sweatshirts, socks, shorts, watches, multimedia items, among others.

Some examples include:



Real Madrid


Manchester United 


World Soccer Shop


It is the website with the largest variety of soccer team jerseys in one place. They are official distributors and update their inventory constantly. The shirts can be ordered with the names and numbers of the players or without anything. To pay it is necessary to have a credit card and although the delivery time is fairly fast (between 7 and 10 days), the shipments are expensive.



In this famous online buying and selling site you can get endless football team jerseys, both original and replicas (Chinese or Thai). The advantage is that they can be purchased from individuals, so that communication is more personal. They can also be ordered with the numbers and names of the players or without anything. To buy on eBay it is also necessary to have a credit card and the delivery time can take between 20 days and a month.

World football store


It’s quite similar to World Soccer Shop, but they don’t update as often as they do. However, here you can get jerseys of not so common teams and clubs from Nigeria, Africa, and other not so popular leagues, which gives it an advantage over other websites of this type.

Start your search

We have already introduced you to several sites where you can buy football team shirts for resale, however, it is not going to be an easy search as there are many imitations and it is difficult to identify them.

Therefore, you should not buy with emotions, nor with haste. Take the time to identify the companies that really have reputations and start working with a solid product base.

I hope you don’t give up until you reach your goals! Strength and luck on that path

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