Where to look for new crypto projects? This question is always of interest to both beginners and experienced traders. Such close attention is explained by the desire not to miss the chance to profitably buy a promising coin, which, perhaps, will rapidly increase in price in the near future.

Method number 1: studying information about promising ICOs

Having figured out what an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is, the question arises, where do they publish up-to-date information about this? There are many thematic resources, for example, articles are regularly published in specialized media. most popular sources. Let’s call them.

  1. bitcointalk.org is the oldest forum (founded in 2006) dedicated to the cryptocurrency market. It has over 3.4 million members. The site regularly updates information about new ICOs. In addition, here you can chat with the developers and find out the details of the crowdsale.
  2. ICO trackers. For example, tokenmarket.net, icobench.com, icotime.ru, etc. These resources contain key information about new projects, messages from official developer channels, as well as up-to-date ratings.

Method number 2: new crypto projects on exchanges with IDO

What is IDO is the launch of new tokens on decentralized crypto exchanges through crowdsale (fundraising). As a result, with such a scheme, the developers are responsible for managing transactions and other operations on the internal platform, and the exchange is charged with organizing the access of potential investors to purchase / sale transactions. An example of such a decentralized exchange is Binance DEX.

First of all, for a trader, the advantage of participating in IDO is that each submitted project has already been pre-selected on launchpad sites. Launchpad is a specialized start-up platform that audits and selects new projects, as well as attracting investments.

Those who have passed all the checks provided by the launchpad will be able to offer users to buy new coins. Buyers, in turn, also undergo a series of checks. To gain access, or as they say, enter the “White List” (whitelist) of the exchange. Since there are usually many applicants (and for such an “entry” a number of conditions must be met), it will be much faster to use the IDO offer to purchase a new token.

Method number 3: choosing coins and tokens on the CoinMarketCap aggregator


CoinMarketCap leads the ratings of information platforms that provide users with up-to-date information about cryptocurrencies. This resource belongs to the most popular blockchain company Binance.

For example, the aggregator has a special section with new coins added in the last 30 days. Here you can track the dynamics of prices, as well as get a lot of useful information about the new cryptocurrency you are interested in: history, news, publications in social networks and much more. Here, for everyone, participation in the public price forecast for the next 6 months is organized.

Every year there are more and more opportunities to get information about how and where to look for new crypto projects. The number of newcomers is also growing faster, seeking to join investments in digital assets as soon as possible