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Where to see Cryptocurrency Charts in real time

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In this article, we are going to look at three of the best platforms to view cryptocurrency charts for free.

We will also explain the advantages and disadvantages of using each of them and a step-by-step tutorial on how to use them.

Cryptocurrency Charting Platforms

There are various platforms that offer us charts to do technical analysis of any cryptocurrency. Even exchanges like Binance or Coinbase offer us charts, but they are often not very comfortable to use.

In my opinion, three of the best platforms to view cryptocurrency charts are:

Below I will present the advantages and disadvantages of each charting platform so that you can choose exactly what best suits you and the type of trading you do.



Tradingview is the first platform I usually recommend to someone who wants to learn how to read cryptocurrency charts. It is an option that contains many cryptocurrency pairs in its catalog and in which we can also see practically the graphs of any financial asset. It is the most complete platform to trade in any market.

Advantages of Tradingview

  • It is free, not 100% free, but it offers what is necessary to see a graph.
  • Wide variety of financial assets, practically any market is included in its catalog.
  • It can be accessed from any computer with internet, without the need to install programs.
  • It has an application for Android and Apple operating systems.
  • It has a large number of technical analysis tools and indicators such as Fibonacci, RSI, William %R, Bollinger Bands or MACD to name just a few.
  • It has a section for editors in which some analysis by experts is offered. Additionally, users can leave comments and interact with these authors.
  • It offers a news section on stocks, currencies, crypto assets and everything that has to do with the world of trading.
  • Once we log in, all the studies we do on a graph are saved.

Tradingview Disadvantages

  • No more than three indicators per chart can be used in the free version.
  • Some advertising is usually shown if we also use the free version.

To use or not to use Tradingview?

In my opinion, tradingview is a powerful and complete platform , one of the few that offers us so many options. That is why I recommend all readers to use Tradingview when analyzing any cryptocurrency.

If you have doubts about whether to use it, don’t worry, start by using its free version and then if it convinces you, purchase the Premium version.

How to use Tradingview

Tradingview is a very simple option to use, and following these steps we will have no problem in seeing the graph of Bitcoin, Ethereum or any other cryptocurrency.

  1. We enter the Tradingview platform .
  2. If it is the first time we come to your website, it is convenient to change the language to Spanish. To do so, click on the option indicated in the following image and select the language «Spanish»:
  1. Now that we have the platform in Spanish, let’s go for the graphics. On the main page there is an option called « Graph », we must click on it.
  1. Now we are looking at a chart, but it is not a cryptocurrency chart – in our case at least – so let’s change it to a chart of the pair: BTCUSDT , that is, the pair Bitcoin and USDT. We click on the name of the asset that is being displayed on the chart.
See chart in tradingview
  1. We write the pair we are looking for. As we search for BTC, we write “ BTCUSDT” The platform will search for the different BTC/USDT pairs on each major cryptocurrency exchange, we are going to take Binance for explanatory purposes.
Select Bitcoin Chart

You must select the chart of the exchange you prefer or on which you are trading.

  1. In addition to seeing Bitcoin chart in the central area, we have two toolbars. The horizontal offers us time frames, indicators, chart types (Japanese candlesticks , bars or line) and alerts, among others. The vertical bar offers us tools to work on the chart, such as drawing tools to do technical analysis.
Technical analysis tools in tradingview


The above is a good option, but to be honest, Tradingview is not a platform specialized in cryptocurrencies , that is, it is a platform for all types of markets. Therefore, those who want to analyze the prices of “rare” or very new cryptocurrencies, their charts can be seen on Coinmarketcap

There are many cryptocurrencies that are not on Tradingview while they are on Coinmarketcap.

Advantages of Coinmarketcap

  • It provides information on almost all cryptocurrencies, even those that are about to be launched. In this information we find the Market Capitalization, what each project is about, where we can buy each cryptocurrency and much more data apart from the graphs.
  • Generates a ranking of all the cryptocurrencies listed according to the returns they have had in different periods of time, so that you can find the cryptocurrencies with the greatest potential
  • It offers a price chart and a capitalization chart.
  • Each cryptocurrency has a news section –excellent to know the news regarding a project that interests us.
  • Is free.

Disadvantages of Coinmarketcap

  • Although it offers a price chart, it does not offer tools for technical analysis. However, each chart has an option to view it on Tradingview without leaving Coinmarketcap; but yes, not all cryptocurrencies that appear on Coinmarketcap have a chart available on Tradingview.
  • It is not a very comfortable platform to use, but it takes getting used to.

To use Coinmarketcap or not?

If our intention is to make money with cryptocurrencies, then yes or yes we should use Coinmarketcap, since this platform is the one that gives us the most information about any currency that we are looking for. However, when it comes to using charts to do deep technical analysis, it is not the best option. We must see the charts on Coinmarketcap when we want to know basic data on the price of a coin.

How to use Coinmarketcap

As we did with Tradingview, we are going to explain step by step how to use Coinmarketcap to view cryptocurrency charts.

  1. We enter the Coinmarketcap platform .
  2. We go to the currency search box.
coinmarketcap main page

3. We write the name of the crypto we want to search for and select it. In the example above we searched for BTC, this time we search for and select Ethereum (ETH)./

search ethereum

4. Now we can see the price, market caps and other information.

5. Below we can see the graph. We can change it to the capitalization chart or to a Tradingview chart, with several tools of said platform, but not all.

Ethereum chart on Coinmarketcap

Coinmarketcap is not the best option when it comes to doing technical analysis of the cryptocurrency market, however, to see a very basic cryptocurrency chart it is fully functional. This platform is the most suitable to see cryptocurrencies that have just been released or that will be released shortly.




Cryptrader is my third proposal. It is not the most suitable for beginners since it is somewhat more complex. Even someone with some trading experience can feel overwhelmed when joining for the first time. On the Cryptrader platform we can view many charts since the vast majority of cryptocurrencies are found in its catalog.

Advantages of Cryptotrader

  • It is a very complete platform.
  • We can consult practically any pair that interests us.
  • It has a news section on crypto assets.
  • Offers a chat for users.
  • It allows to visualize different graphs simultaneously.

Disadvantages of Cryptotrader

  • It has a less clean interface than the previous ones.
  • It is usually a “heavy” platform, that is, a platform with many demands on the capabilities of our computer or device.
  • At first it is an overwhelming platform due to the large number of elements it has.
  • It is not a platform that is as consolidated as the previous ones.


To use or not to use Cryptrader?


I think this platform should be used by those people who have a bit more experience in the field. It is not the best option for those who are novices, although it is certainly advisable to know it because of the differences it has with respect to the previous ones.

How to use Cryptotrader

This platform requires a somewhat higher learning curve, however, when looking for a graph, the process is also simple:

  1. We enter the Cryptrader platform.
cryptorader platform
  1. We click on the “Markets” option.
  1. We select the pair with which we will work.
Search cryptocurrency on Cryptrader

It is a recommended platform to display several charts simultaneously and also if what we want is to be able to display various additional information to the charts in a personalized way.

And here ends this article with the three platforms that I recommend to see cryptocurrency charts. They are all interesting and can be used individually or together with the rest, depending on the needs of each one. The best thing is that you spend some time trying them out so you can decide for yourself.

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