In the modern world, the attitude of different states towards cryptocurrency is not yet unambiguous. For example, many countries have not yet decided on their status regarding bitcoin and other digital assets. And some even seek to ban them. But what should a person who wants to work with crypto assets on a professional level do? Let’s take a look at the top 4 jurisdictions where it is best to engage in cryptocurrency.

Where you can practice cryptocurrency: Estonia


This country, first of all, has a positive attitude towards cryptocurrency. Although there is no clear regulation regarding digital assets, there are no restrictions associated with cryptocurrencies.

Estonia is also the best country in Europe for creating crypto projects and startups. The thing is that it is very easy to get a European-style license for your activities there. As a result, this is what attracts many investors.



El Salvador is the first country in the world where the authorities fully legalized bitcoin. As a result, every person has the right to use cryptocurrency on a par with ordinary money. For example, you can pay taxes, buy products in a store, open crypto startups. And all this will be absolutely legal.

However, there are downsides. This state is small, with a poorly developed economy. Which does not make it an ideal place to stay and work with cryptocurrencies.


One of the best places to work with cryptocurrency today is the UAE. The development of the crypto industry there is going on at a tremendous pace. Many companies are flocking to Dubai to start their business as the UAE authorities have begun issuing licenses for official activities.

For example, some crypto storages have already received the first storage license. Also, the most popular crypto exchange Binance is already on the verge of obtaining licenses for its activities in the UAE.

The average crypto user will also like it very much in the UAE. Working with cryptocurrencies is welcome, and taxes in the Emirates are the smallest in the world and are 0%. Heaven for any crypto investor.

Where you can practice cryptocurrency: Switzerland

Where you can engage in cryptocurrency: Switzerland. Photo: kavalenkava / shutterstock.comWhere you can engage in cryptocurrency: Switzerland. Photo: kavalenkava /

Switzerland comes first. This is because it has absorbed all the best qualities of the previous options. Switzerland is the most reliable and safest country in the world, which is important for crypto companies and large investors. In Switzerland, you can pay taxes with cryptocurrencies, create legal crypto companies and obtain licenses for them, and all this in European jurisdiction.

Switzerland is one of the most progressive countries in relation to cryptocurrency. The regulation of digital assets there is done very competently, which gives people the opportunity to work with cryptocurrency comfortably