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Why will the RBIS overtake Bitcoin, Cardano, NFT and the Metaverse in 2022?

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The cryptocurrency market has had a rather bumpy start to the year overall. Anyway, one particularly ambitious project managed to stand out. Its evolution continues at high speed and the year 2022 is on track to fulfill its promises.

In January, RBIS, the native token of ArbiSmart, was listed for the very first time. As the weeks go by, the process gains ground. Top-notch exchanges now list this token. This has the effect of increasing liquidity while boosting demand for it. Moreover, this project which justifies an FCIS license will soon launch a series of new utilities. The coming months will be particularly busy. This should cause its price to skyrocket.


A Look Back: What Has Happened Since The Genesis Of The Project?


Specialist in Crypto-Arbitrage

This type of investment works as follows:

  • A specific algorithm will detect the moments when a crypto is available on different exchanges at the same price and at the same time.
  • This program is constantly connected to about 40 exchange platforms.
  • At each price divergence detected, the crypto-asset will be purchased automatically from the exchange displaying the lowest price.
  • This same asset will then be resold automatically on the platform where its price is the highest.
  • A profit can thus be made.

Price Divergences Continually Appearing


ArbiSmart’s crypto-arbitrage system is therefore based on temporary price differences. The latter has the the the particularity of constantly appearing. Whether the cryptocurrency market is down or up. So even in the event of a crash, the ArbiSmart platform continues to give you consistent passive profit. This is a very attractive hedge in a bear market environment.


How does it work? 


All funds deposited by platform users are automatically converted into RBIS. The tokens are then used to trade on behalf of the client. Profits obtained through crypto arbitrage start at a rate of 10.8% annually. This percentage can go up to 45% per year. Note that the gain depends on the amount that the user will deposit. The profits thus obtained can be used in different ways. In particular, it is possible to store them in a locked long-term savings account and for a period predefined by a contract. This entitles you to a return of around 1% daily in terms of additional passive income.

2022 Started on Wheel Caps for ArbiSmart

2022 started with an important milestone reached by Arbismart. Indeed, the year began with the RBIS listing process. Since then, the token can be traded on a large number of major exchanges. These include UniswapLAToken, CoinsbitHitBTC, and SushiSwap Other references should be added over time.

Every time a major exchange adds RBIS, other big names in the cryptosphere are encouraged to follow suit. And the more important these exchanges are, the more the token is revealed to large communities. In addition, the level of liquidity, as well as the trading volume of RBIS, will also grow. Eventually, demand itself will go up.

Development Of The RBIS Crypto Hub


Little by little the future crypto hub of RBIS is taking shape.

Decentralized Yield Farming Program

This month will again see an increase in liquidity. Indeed, a decentralized yield farming program will be launched, through the UniSwap application. Investors will benefit from particularly high annual returns for the provision of their money. They will also have the opportunity to join a liquidity pool. The choice is possible between ETH/RBIS  or a USDT/RBIS. Thanks to this, they will be able to benefit from an annual return of up to 190,000% as well as 0.3% of the applicable fees on each transaction.

Launch of an NFT Marketplace


Another ArbiSmart development will also be unveiled during this quarter. An NFT marketplace will indeed be launched. This will offer a collection of 10,000 digital works of art. Non-fungible tokens (NFT) will certify the ownership and authenticity of these virtual items. In addition, their purchase is possible exclusively with RBIS tokens.

A Constantly Changing Ecosystem

The second quarter of 2022 promises to be just as eventful for ArbiSmart. It will be marked by the launch of an interest-generating wallet. The latter will be compatible with both FIAT and crypto-currencies. Rates may rise to 45% per year. And each time ArbiSmart will unveil a new RBIS utility, the demand will increase accordingly.

Meanwhile, the token supply remains permanently capped at 450 million. Thus, the more the demand increases, the more the supply decreases. This will have the effect of increasing the price of the tokens.

What Are The Long-Term Prospects?

The ArbiSmart team will be just as dynamic during the second half of 2022. The public will be able to access other RBIS utilities. In particular, there will be a mobile application compatible with Apple and Android devices. This app will allow complete management of the user account, from anywhere and anytime.

ArbiSmart’s crypto hub will also have a launchpad that will fund promising new cryptocurrencies. Added to this is the banking services package. This includes payment solutions, crypto debit cards, and IBANs.

One thing is certain, 2022 will be rich in twists and turns for ArbiSmart. Major developments will be brought to the attention of the public and interested parties will be able to take advantage of them. The scope of the project is expanding as more exchanges list the RBIS token. Moreover, the introduction of new utilities increases demand while increasing the price of the latter.

So, did you miss Dogecoin, Cardano, Solana, or even Shiba Inu? It’s still a good time to be among the early buyers of the next must-have crypto. You can earn profits by buying the token right now. Not waiting for the RBIS ecosystem to gain even more momentum and its price to soar. 

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