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Will Bitcoin finally be offered on Apple Pay

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While the Bitcoin 2022 conference has been taking place in Miami since April 6, rumors around Apple and the use of Bitcoin are becoming more and more insistent!

The most famous YouTubers maintain these speculations. Many seem to think in particular that a partnership between Apple and Strike – a mobile payment app with blockchain support – could be announced during the conference.

An answer during the Bitcoin conference?

On several occasions in the past, links between Apple and cryptocurrency have been suspected. Thus, last July, various media claimed that the company had invested more than $2 billion in bitcoin.

In November, Apple CEO Tim Cook boosted the price of Bitcoin by claiming to own cryptocurrency personally, stating:

I think it makes sense to own cryptocurrencies as part of a diversified investment portfolio.

But when it comes to the question of whether Apple could convert some of its cash in dollars to bitcoins, the CEO is much more cautious. He considers it preferable to avoid directly exposing the holders of Apple shares to cryptocurrencies.

So, despite the attention garnered, all previous rumors have faded away. Will it be different this time around?

With a tweet about Bitcoin Conference 2022, Strike CEO Jack Mallers hinted that things might be different:


The 4 images that accompany the Tweet are rather heavy with meaning! Everything suggests that the rumors will be confirmed shortly…

Late last month, Mallers also tweeted a video from Apple’s ‘ Think different ‘ advertising campaign, which aired from 1997 to 2002.

It should be remembered that in the previous edition, the biggest announcement was that El Salvador was going to adopt Bitcoin as legal tender. What if this year’s Bitcoin conference was the scene of an even more joyful revelation?

Some information about the rumor

According to Bloomberg, Apple would be working on its own payment processing technology, which would allow it to be more independent from third-party partners.

The long-term plan would see Apple integrate a series of features internally. These include payment processing, risk assessment for loans, fraud analysis, credit checks and additional customer service functions, with the goal of developing Apple Pay.

Could Bitcoin have a place in the evolution of Apple Pay, as Mallers suggests with his enigmatic tweets? One thing is certain, the time seems right to invest in Bitcoin. You can buy Bitcoin from a reliable platform such as

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